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After a long and rich period of painting subjects almost exclusively inspired by science under the company banner Brush with Science,  Julie Newdoll is merging her passion for composing music with her love of art. Follow her as she launches her first musical comic series,
Restless Mamma Blues,
and combines it all on an adventure to New York City to make musicals!

Picture is cover of Restless Mamma Blues musical comic.  Clicking takes you to the musical comic.  It is black and white, with a woman knitting Julie Newdoll's name, who is the mother-in law.  Her kids are on the sides and she and her husband are looking at stars at the top.

Meet Joan!

Julie's new character, featured in her series Restless Mamma Blues.

Comic style color picture of geese in a desert looking for something to drink and eat on their migratory path.

Watch a painting unfold to original music.  Meditative and revealing of the process.

Clicking picture takes you to a video with music and paintings about the play Hamlet.

Hamlet meets Apoptosis -

the program our cells invoke if they need to self sacrifice.

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