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Each image takes you to a page with more paintings and descriptions.  All paintings are sold and in private collections unless indicated.  Almost all work has been scanned at high resolution and may be purchased as a print or puzzle.

 Apoptosis - Cell Death 

Cells must sometimes accept death for the good of the organism, and one means of accomplishing this task is via a pre-programmed system that exists in our cells called Apoptosis. In these two  series, the decision tree that cells follows when faced with an order from the body to self-destruct are mapped onto Shakespeare and other tales.

Painting Hamlet's Ghost

Life Forms

The paintings in these five series get down to atomic detail, representing the structures of DNA, RNA, and atoms using human figures, mythology, stories and other narrative. Click on each painting to see the full series.

Painting Nanotechnology One
Painting The Big Bang
Painting Dawn of the Double Helix


Proteins do almost everything we need to function.  They make up structures in your body, like hair.  They digest your food and divide your cells, etc. These painting series explore some amazing things they do.

The Senses

This section contains paintings on all of the senses.  Microscopic images of the tiny structures for hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste are featured. 

Painting Olfactory Garden
Painting India Taste Carpet
Painting Kimono of the Sense of Sight
Painting Cochlea Surrounded by Waves

The Fountain of Youth 

Paintings that deal with the molecular mechanism of aging.

The Whole Cell

Cell division, evolution, and other tales.

Painting about Cell Divisiion
Painting The First World was Red
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