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Nanotechnology I.  20" x 24", mixed media, 1992. 


Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating atoms to build tiny machines. These machines could be computers, chemical factories, or other types of mechanical device. It has been proposed that DNA be used as a scaffold to put tiny molecular machines onto. It has been shown that DNA can be used to form ladders and cube structures. Nanotechnology one speaks to DNA folding into the shapes you see in the other paintings below.   Ladders and cubes would make stable structures to attach tiny atomic sized machines to.


Inspired in part by the paper: Synthesis from DNA of a molecule with the connectivity of a cube", Junghuel Chen and Nadrian C. Seeman, Letters to Nature, Vol. 350, 1991.

Nanotechnology II.  3' x 4', mixed media, 1992.  

This DNA ladder is simultaneously creating itself at one end and destroying itself at the other end. A reflection of the need for creation, destruction, and disposal of nanotechnology devices in biological systems and experimental environments. 

 Nanotechnology III. 20" x 24", mixed media, 1992.  

A possible result obtained after folding DNA into a ladder shape is to continue into a cube, a solid scaffolding onto which tiny molecular machines could be attached and made to work together. 

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