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Restless Mamma Blues, the ebook, is both an original piece of music and a comic book/graphic novel.  The early version allows you to get the final version plus a download of the professional music track, which will be more expensive later.  This review captures well the humor and spirit of the debut of Joan:

Averting the sorrow of the empty nest and the grinding caregiving of the middle place, our heroine, 60 year old Joan Uv Art, bounds towards a new life of film scoring, musical writing… (No destination is too lofty and Broadway here we come!) She WILL escape the prison of team illustrating for scientific journals and find her voice as the composer for the next Wim Wenders Film. At times hilarious, at times a heartbreaker, Joan is a heroine for the ages. We love her and want to follow her everywhere she goes. 


Martha Kinney, Author, The Fall of Heartless Horse

Restless Mamma Blues Discounted Pre-release version.

SKU: RMBpreEbook
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