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Technology is catching up.

While I had an eBook version that seemed to do everything I wanted, alas, it did not work on some platforms. At every page turn the solo section would start over, on pages that were supposed to have a soundtrack. This seems to be a known issue to PubCoder. The question now is, do I need to find other eBook creation software packages and make an eBook for every platform? Meanwhile, as the Wix play buttons were either not appearing or not working on some platforms, I then went to SoundCloud players. This, I thought, should work on everyone's devices. This, however, was confusing. You can not press play. You have to decide first whether you want to be on my website, or go directly to SoundCloud. My mom was confused. She was transported to SoundCloud. She was lost. She shut off her phone. It was traumatic.

I am now attempting to use the Wix Audio player. Less confusing. I hope it works on everyone's platform!

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