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Musical Comics

I am excited to roll out my first musical comic, Restless Mamma Blues. The process of making sure that you have sound effects in some places and running background track in other places turned out to be a bit tricky. Page turns tend to stop your music in programs like InDesign, for example. I finally found a piece of software called PubCoder that seems to do everything I want! I have seen people wonder about resolution of images. I am still figuring out some of these details, but so far, things look good. If anyone thinks the web page or the eBook are very slow to load, I would love to hear about your experience! You can either look at the html version while it is up, or buy the eBook version. I will also make a print version, but that defeats the point of adding music. In order to compensate for that, I am going to add a section where you can download music, but it will definitely be a different experience than the eBook or the html.

In order to make comments, please contact me and I can put you on the member list. Thanks! You know, it says in the Blog post information section I am responsible for what ends up the the comments, so if comments disappear, it is because I would like to post in the Blog, but do not have time right now to put out comment fires. I have a lot to create!

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Great blog!

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